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Yesterday was a rough day.
Not one of those overwhelmed by work type of days, or get up of the wrong side of the bed days. This was a kick your butt at every turn bad day. It was the day that when it’s over you’re glad it’s over.
You know what I’m talking about. It just goes from bad to worse to OMG help!!!
And the worst part is that people try to encourage you through it.
Come on people, you’ve been there before. Friends, family, coworkers trying to lift your spirits and all you want to do is freak out.
Yup, one of those days.
But you know what, as bad as yesterday was today is a new day.
Start over, forget the past and keep on living.
I thank God for second chances, and third..and fourth…and, well you get the point.
I still have to deal with some of the problems from yesterday, but what a difference a day makes. The urgent makes way for the important. Cooler heads prevail. God teaches patients.
Although yesterday I did freak out on God. I wasn’t proud of myself.
Said things I shouldn’t have. I regret it. I over reacted and blamed God.
Told Him I was forgotten, forsaken, abandoned, He didn’t love me and He should just strike me down. Like I said, I wasn’t proud of myself.
I don’t know if you’ve ever had a melt down like that and then throw God under the bus.
When I calmed down and decided to talk to God, He didn’t know what I was talking about.
He had no remembrance, forgot all about it. Which is strange cause I didn’t.
I felt crappy, He was fine.
I felt distant, He was as close as ever.
I felt bad, He loved me.
As a matter of fact, through it all, the struggles, the melt down, the failure, God was fine. He never freaked out, or was worried, or nervous. Jesus had it all under control. I freaked because I didn’t.
But I don’t have to have it all under control or even be in control. As a matter of fact the more I let go and give God control the better things are.
Yeah glad todays a new day. And yup I’m giving up control. Handing it over to my God. He doesn’t freak out or get scared. He’s got it covered. He never left me, never forgot me, never let me go. You know what? He hasn’t forgotten you either.
Just give Him control, Jesus got you covered.

Because of the Lord’s faithful love
we do not perish,
for His mercies never end.
They are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness! (Lamentations 3:22, 23 HCSB)


Thinking out loud.

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I know I’ve been writing about the prodigal but I wanted to just throw another thought out there. I’m pretty sure you guys watched the Super Bowl. If you didn’t at least you know the Giants won. Before you get excited I’m not a Giants fan, and for my friends I didn’t cross over.
I’m still a Cowboys fan. Tried and true since 1977.
And there I dated myself. Ouch that hurt.
Ok focus…see you guys got me on a tangent. Anyway I wanted to talk about my son.
He was rooting for the Patriots. He likes them because his pop-warner team is the Patriots. He was rooting for them because he felt connected.
He rooted for them because they were his team.
Literally. He plays for the Patriots so, he roots for the Patriots.
Amazing isn’t it we root because we feel connected to the team.
Fans, short for fanatics. Boy, we can get crazy for our teams.
Today was the parade in New York. He was upset. Still blaming the Welker drop as the turning point.
Told me he would have made that throw. He said a good QB would have put it in the receivers sweet spot.
He likes the team because he is a participator. That’s my thought. Participators care more.
Why? Because they know the effort it takes to get there.
No he’s not a Super Bowl champ, but we both know the hard work it takes to play the game.
I played in college, my son plays. Losing hurts.
Winning feels great.
That’s life.
See in life we are all participators.
We should all care about winning and losing.
We should be part of a team. A winning team. For me church has become that team.
And when God is first, you win. Yet not everyone wins. It’s sad.
You can win, yet choose to lose. We pick the losing team.
Why? Who would want that?
Why lose when you can win?
Choose God. Join me on the winning side. Let’s participate together and celebrate an awesome win.

I will get up and go to my father, and will say to him, “Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in your sight; I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me as one of your hired men.”‘ (Luke 15:18, 19 NASB)
I once read that for every homecoming there was first a home leaving.
The bible says we all like sheep have gone astray. That means each of us have left home, that place that God has for us,
and have gone to a place led by our own desires.
All of us are prodigals.
We want God to give us things, then take what He gives us and go.
We get what we want, waste it, and when we are empty we come back to start over again. Until we leave.
Why? Why do we leave?
Just like the son in the story we have an alternative motive.
We have our plans.
Our agendas…
Our desires…until.
Until it’s all gone and we are down and out.
The problem is our situations change but not our hearts.
Being an urban minister I have learned one important lesson. You can run all the programs you want, pour as much money into education, food pantries, youth departments, and outreach, but people don’t change because you spend a lot on programs. People change because of the heart.
Yes, you got it. To change a man you need to change his heart.
How do you change your heart?
Change your attitude. Stop saying ” give me” and start asking God to “make me”
Say it with me: Father make me.
Father make me. Let it sink in.
Make me your servant.
Make my heart new
Make Father, just like you.
It is time to come home to the Father. He is waiting just for you.